Has Someone Contested Your Loved One's Will or Trust?

Has Someone Contested Your Loved One's Will or Trust?

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Dealing with a loved one's passing is never easy. When someone challenges the terms of your loved one's estate plan, it can be even more difficult. Suddenly, you have a legal dispute to resolve on top of everything else. The Law Office of David Sean Dufek is here to help. With decades of experience as a wills and trusts attorney in San Diego, California, attorney Dufek can help you resolve an estate planning dispute in no time.

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The Law Office of David Sean Dufek works with clients on any side of a trust dispute. David Sean Dufek can represent you if you need to challenge a will or trust. Here are just a few reasons you might find yourself in the middle of a trust dispute:

  • You suspect your loved one was influenced by another party while drafting their will or trust 
  • You know that your loved one had a more recent will or trust that should be used
  • You have concerns about the mental state of your loved one at the time the will or trust was signed

If one of these situations applies to you, make an appointment with your local law office, the Law Office of David Sean Dufek, right away.