Wondering If You Should Create a Will?

Wondering If You Should Create a Will?

Speak with a wills and trusts attorney in San Diego, CA

Everything in your possession-real estate, cars and even investments-are a part of your estate. You need a will if you want those assets to be divided according to your wishes, rather than the court system. If you need assistance creating a will, turn to the Law Office of David Sean Dufek. As your wills and trusts attorney, David Sean Dufek will ensure your loved ones are protected after you're gone.

If you die without creating a will, your assets could be distributed by the San Diego, CA court system. Save your beneficiaries the time and frustration by hiring a wills and trusts attorney. Do you have questions about wills and trusts? Call 619-222-5886 now to get answers from attorney Dufek.

Who needs a will?

Attorney Dufek has years of experience helping clients in San Diego, CA create wills and trusts. But how do you know if you need a will? It's crucial to create a will if...

  • You have guardianship of minors
  • You're married and want your spouse to inherit your assets
  • You own anything-such as cars, bank accounts, jewelry, art or family heirlooms

As you can see, everyone needs a will, so don't wait to start the estate planning process. You can rely on attorney Dufek for assistance with wills and trusts.