Don't Miss Out on the Assets You Deserve

Don't Miss Out on the Assets You Deserve

Inheritance law in San Diego, CA is simple with a lawyer on your side

Losing a loved one is never a positive experience, and dealing with the legal part of inheritance can be tough. Many families create wills or trusts for their descendants, leaving them with financial assets or property. Inheritance law can be tricky, however, and you may need a law firm to help you navigate it. Turn to the Law Office of David Sean Dufek.

Attorney Dufek can help you organize our loved one's documents, determine your inheritance and ensure that the process complies with all laws. If there are no wills or trusts in place, he can handle the probate side of things as well.

For inheritance guidance in San Diego, CA, you can depend on the Law Office of David Sean Dufek. Contact attorney Dufek today for more information.

Things to know about your inheritance

Inheritance law can be confusing for those who have never dealt with it before. Here are a few things to keep in mind when handling wills and trusts in San Diego, CA:

  • All handling of the inheritance must be done between beneficiaries and the appointed trustee.
  • The value of your inheritance can change while our loved one is alive.
  • A period of 120 days must pass before beneficiaries will receive their inheritance.
  • The 120-day period provides an opportunity to contest the inheritance amount.

Attorney Dufek can guide you through the inheritance process and help ensure that your rights are upheld. Speak with him today to discuss your status as a beneficiary.