What Is a Will?

What Is a Will?

Ask a wills and trusts attorney in San Diego, CA

When it comes to estate planning, terminology can get tricky. If you're confused about the difference between wills and trusts, the Law Office of David Sean Dufek is here to help you understand.

A will...

  • Contains specific instructions about the distribution of your assets
  • Cannot transfer real estate to your beneficiaries
  • Names guardians for minor children
  • Establishes the executor of your estate
  • Can only distribute assets with a combined value of $150,000

A wills and trusts attorney can help you determine if a will is right for your financial situation. Call 619-222-5886 now to schedule a consultation with an attorney in San Diego, CA.

What about trusts?

Trusts are very similar to wills, with some important distinctions. They're especially important for those who want to prevent the need for probate proceedings. A trust...

  • Covers the distribution of all assets, including real estate
  • Can distribute estates that have value over $150,000
  • Cannot provide a designation of a guardian for minor children
  • Cannot have item-by-item instructions for the distribution of personal property

Often, those who have trusts will also have wills. The Law Office of David Sean Dufek will provide you with instructions and guide you through the wills and trusts process. Make an appointment with a wills and trusts attorney in San Diego, CA today.